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Mammallapuram /Mahabalipuram         

Mamallapuram is best known for its temples built in Pallava times. The Shore Temple, the monolithic rathas, the caves, the Mandapam and Arjuna's Penance, a sculptural panel, all wonderful monuments in theirown right, are worth the view from the light house.
58 Kms from Chennai, Once a port and the second capital of the Pallava Dynasty, Mamallapuram flourished during 7- 8th centuries. The monuments of Pallava, the proto type of the Dravidian Temple Architecture, lure every visitor to this town. The monuments, scooped out of natural rocks are of monolithic type. Mamallapuram has been declared by United Nations as one of the world Heritage centres.

The Dance Festival from December to February is highly acclaimed. One of the monuments - Arjuna's penance - stands as a back drop for the stage. For over 1500 years this small town has awakened to the tune of hardened steel on stone as its craftsmen begin a new day. The pristine glory of the 8th century temple adds splendour to the beach here.

Mahabalipuram beach also has some ancient historical monuments in its close proximity and this is the main reason of attraction of this beach. There is one of the oldest shore temples in South India built by the Pallava King Rajasimha in the early 8th century and the world's largest bas-relief, the 'Penance of Arjuna', which is 96ft long and 43 ft high, the five rathas and the tiger's cave along the beach. On the way to Mahabalipuram Beach is Dakshinachitra, 28 km from Chennai, a heritage space with exhibitions and workshops of the arts and crafts including traditional home architecture and performing artists of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. Other places worth a visit while on a tour to the beach include the crocodile farm where about 5000 crocodiles of 6 different species, alligators and other reptiles are bred in captivity, kept in open, marshy enclosures, snake venom extracting centre and a school of art and sculpture.
58 Kms from Chennai.
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November to February
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Air: Chennai (58km) is the nearest airport with both domestic and international terminus. Chennai is connected with all the major places in India through the numerous domestic flights. International flights operate from various parts of the world to Chennai. Air timings (Chennai)
Rail: The nearest railway stations are Chengalpattu (29km) and Chennai (58km). From these stations one has to take road journey to reach Mamallapuram. Train timings (Chennai)
Road: Buses are available from Pondicherry, Kanchipuram, Chengalpattu and Chennai to Mamallapuram daily. Tourists can also hire a taxi from Chennai.
One of the longest Beach in India and magnificent monuments besides this beach.


Marina Beach

If you were to hear that the Marina is the world`s longest beach, don`t just dismiss it as optimistic local fancy. There`s more to theMarina though. If you`re a fan of street food, then bookmark the Marina sundal. Much like the Chowpatty bhel-puri, the dish doesn`t taste right whenhad anywhere else. The other big draw on the beach is the cutouts gallery at the southern end featuring the hottest Tamil stars of all time. For a price you can improve on your cheap thrills quotient by having your picturetaken with the star/let of your dreams.
Golden sand, good surf and a shimmering clean blue sea, this in a nutshell, is Marina beach. This beach is counted among one of the longest beaches in Asia. Its 12-km long stretch was made beautiful by the wonderful facelift given by Governor Mountstuart Elphinstone Grant Duff in the early 1880's, and is a major tourist attraction today.

Marina beach is located on the eastern side of Chennai, adjoining the Bay of Bengal. Watching the sun set and rise from the beach is an enthralling experience. Though bathing and swimming can be dangerous, as the undercurrent is very strong, even then people come for swimming here. In the evenings, the beach is virtually a fair ground with various kinds of entertainment and food stalls lining the beach.
Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
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Climate has a very hot tropical type of climate. The temperature variation is very less between winters and summers, November to February

Guindy National Park         

Guindy National Park is one of the prime visiting spots for those who come to Chennai during vacation period. It attracts visitors over three lakhs during a season. A recommended picnic spot for the entire family to spend a day amidst nature and return home joyfully in the evening.

This park boasts of over 24 varieties of trees, for example, Amona Squamosa, Atlanta Monoplylla, Feronia Limonia, Azadirachta India, etc. to mention a few. Also more than 14 varieties of shrubs, over 14 types of mammals like elephant, antilope, spotted dear, jungle cat, toddy cat, Indian civet, etc. The park also accounts for over 37 varieties of birds, like black chested, black winged kite, honey buzzard, pariah kite, and so on. There are also many kinds of amphibians and snakes to add to the variety that is already available
Guindy Taluk of Chennai District
Deer, Jungle Cat, Toddy Cat